Fantasy User Interfaces

Visual explorations the frontier where UI, graphic design and sci-fi collide (FUIs).

Environment concept art

A selection of some of the environment art pieces I’ve developed for several projects.

Fantasy weaponry

The club, the hammer, the axe. Done for fun. More weapons waiting to be carved!

Asphalt Xtreme action shots

Assorted pieces of promo art for Asphalt Xteme created using 2D & 3D techniques

Sponsors and stickers

A selection of brands I created to be used as ingame sponsors in Asphalt Xtreme’s vehicles.

Asphalt Xtreme UI

Some examples of my work as a UI artist in Gameloft’s Asphalt Xtreme (2016)

Gods of Rome Attire

I illustrated this limited edition of 200 t-shirts on occasion of Gameloft’s Gods of Rome launch.

Sci-fi Weaponry

A brief compendium of the weaponry most commonly found in the outer Lunar colonies.

Gods of Rome Icons

I created more than 30 icons for Gods of Rome. Here’s a selection of some of my favorites.

Map of the South Coast

I am obsessed with maps. I wanted to create one describing the newly found coast of a fictional apocalyptic world.

Libros del KO – Book Cover Design

I created the brand identity and several book covers for the Spanish publishing house Libros del KO.

A Gallery of Elegant Beasts

A small character design project where I portray some remarkable animals.

Midnight Pool

A collection of neon designs made for Gameloft’s Midnight Pool.

La Molleteria

Posters and illustrations as part of the brand identity of La MolleterĂ­a, a mediterranean food chain.

Hibu spot

I illustrated and animated this 60″ spot for the digital marketing company