Category: Illustration/2D

Environment concept art

A selection of some of the environment art pieces I’ve developed for several projects.

Asphalt Xtreme action shots

Assorted pieces of promo art for Asphalt Xteme created using 2D & 3D techniques

Gods of Rome Icons

I created more than 30 icons for Gods of Rome. Here’s a selection of some of my favorites.

Gods of Rome Attire

I illustrated this limited edition of 200 t-shirts on occasion of Gameloft’s Gods of Rome launch.

Map of the South Coast

I am obsessed with maps. I wanted to create one describing the newly found coast of a fictional apocalyptic world.

A Gallery of Elegant Beasts

A small character design project where I portray some remarkable animals.

La Molleteria

Posters and illustrations as part of the brand identity of La MolleterĂ­a, a mediterranean food chain.

Hibu spot

I illustrated and animated this 60″ spot for the digital marketing company